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Babe Lash Essential Serum- 2ml

Babe Lash Essential Serum- 2ml

SKU: 799493581003

3 month supply of award-winning Essential Serum. 

Who doesn’t want noticeably beautiful lashes? The award-winning Babe Lash Essential Serum will give you the lashes you’ve been looking for by enhancing the appearance of length and volume. 

Strengthens lashes and encourages growth. Great for lashes and brows, and safe for use with lash extensions.

  • Directions for use

    Apply every other night before bed directly to your lash line on clean, dry skin for the first week to allow eyes to adjust. Following the first week apply nightly before bed. Once desired results are achieved, apply 3 times per week for maintenace.

  • Care Instructions

    Keep out of reach of children. Do not share applicator. Secure lid tightly after each use. Do not dilute with any additive. Do not use if you are sensitive to synthetic hormones. Do not get this product in eyes, as injury or irritation may occur. Possible side effects include ocular irritation, hyperemia, iris color change, eyelid or under eye darkening, macular edema, ocular inflammation, and interference with intraocular pressure reduction therapy. Discontinue use immediately and contact your doctor if irritation or other side effects occur.

  • Refund Policy

    No refunds for products, services, or gift certificates, thank you for your understanding.

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