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  • What is microblading?
    Microblading is a technique of permanent makeup that uses a hand held tool to create simulated hair-like strokes to give the appearance of fuller eyebrows.
  • What is machine shading?
    Machine shading is a technique of permanent makeup that uses a powered device to create a filled in or "shaded in" look. It can also be referred to as ombre, powder, or microshading. This technique is made up of tiny dots on the skin rather than strokes, and heals much softer than it appears immediately after the treatment. This is a great option for those with oily skin.
  • Does it hurt?
    For most clients, no. While everyone's pain tolerance is different, most people experience little to no discomfort. Others say it is mildy uncomfortable, but tolerable. You are numbed throughout the entire process and I do my best to keep you as comfortable as possible.
  • How long does it last?
    The short answer is that microblading lasts about 12-18 months, and any added shading lasts about 18-24 months. Many factors will determine how long your results last. Following proper aftercare is crucial to maintaining your results for as long as possible. Skin type, and lifestyle come into play as well. Figure that most clients will need annual color boost sessions to maintain color and shape to keep their new eyebrows looking their best.
  • How much does it cost?
    Pricing for all services is listed under the "services" tab. Note: touch ups on outside work are not a traditional touch up price and I must see the previous work before scheduling an appointment with me. All clients that are new to me start at the initial pricing. Corrections may require multiple appointments to achieve desired results.
  • Why is a touch up required 6-8 weeks after my inital appointment?
    Any form of permanent makeup is a two step process because everyone's skin is different. Everyone has a different skin thickness and skin type, which will heal differently. The second appointment is to complete and perfect your results because at that time we will know how you healed and be able to gauge any changes we may need to make. You may want to go darker, thicker, bolder. Your skin may have pushed a lot of pigment out, I may need to change my depth. All this will be addressed at your second appointment. After that, touch ups will only be needed annually to maintain color and shape! Woohoo!
  • What is the healing process like?
    The first day or two your brows will be darker than they wil heal. You may notice lymphatic fluid rising to the surface over the first couple of days. Around day 3 or 4 they won't seem so dark. After a few more days you may notice some peeling, but there should not be any scabbing. The provided aftercare balm typically will hide any peeling that may be happening. They may feel itchy or dry, using the aftercare balm should help with any of those feelings. Then around the 2 week mark your skin will be healed on the outside and using the balm is not necessary. At this time you may start wearing makeup and sunscreen over your brow area if you wish, and return to your normal routine with showering, swimming, exercise etc. However, your brows are not completely healed until 6 weeks after they were treated. All the layers of the skin are stil lhealing on the inside, and so you may notice changes in pigment color and intensity. They may enter into a "light phase" around week 4, this is where your brows may have seemed to disappear. Don't worry, this is totally normal and the pigment willl come back. The light phase is when lymphatic fluid is under the surface of the skin, but over the pigment and it can act as a filter and make the pigment appear as if it has faded significantly. After the fluid clears the pigment returns, some patchiness or unevenness may be noticeable if the pigment didn't take in some areas. By then it will be time for your second session where we will address anything that needs to be altered. We will know how your body heals and any changes we need to make, you will leave your appointment with beautiful brows and will not need another touch up for about a year! Yay!!!
  • What is needed to care for my brows during the healing process?
    I provide you with a complete aftercare kit included with the cost of your service so that you do not need to worry about purchasing additional items to care for your new brows!
  • Am I a candidate?
    There are some things that would prevent someone from being able to receive any permanent makeup service. The main things being : - cannot be pregnant or nursing -must be over the age of 18 I have more in depth information here about who is an ideal candidate for the different services that I offer.
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