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A New Lash Experience

Hey there, and welcome to my newest service offering, designer lashes!

There is no denying that this year has completely changed the way service providers run and operate their businesses.​ We have had to shift and pivot as our industry shut down across the globe, and prevented us from serving our clients in person.

As a service provider, our career is based off of, well serving people, usually in person, and not at social distancing standards. So you can imagine our brains racing at a million miles per minute trying to find ways to serve our guests, at a distance.

Well, the time is here. Industry leaders pivoted their business and figured out a way to do just that.

Meet Designer Lashes.

The industry's first customized designer magnetic strip lashes created by your professional artist JUST FOR YOU.

Unlike other lashes on the market, these are tailored to you by your lash artist. Giving you the exact look you want to achieve. No more testing out a million standard strip lashes to find the look you love. 

With these innovative lashes you get an in depth virtual consultation with your artist to discuss your style, goals, and desired look. Your artist will then create your set using their creative expertise and extensive knowledge on eye shapes to give you the look you desire.

After your set is complete, your artist will ship your kit directly to you. The kit includes:

-custom set of designer lashes in case

-rose gold lash applicator

-magnetic eyeliner (clear or black available)

-application and aftercare instructions 

Are you ready to get your custom designer lashes? Let's set up your consultation! I can't wait to see you!

microblading, permanent makeup, tattoo removal, brow services

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